Vanilla Water Soluble Oil 18ml

Vanilla Water Soluble Oil 18ml

Reference: 034665
Fragrance: "VAINILLA"
Volume: 18 ml
Size: 45x45x90 mm
Sales Format:Display 12 Unities
Serie: 0acehidro15

Ideal for people who are interested in sweet and deep aromas. The Vanilla Water Soluble Essential Oil makes us imagine a warm family evening with a delicious dessert.

With a sweet yet comforting and warm scent, purify your spaces with the oil applied in the Vanilla scented humidifier. It is long lasting and will leave a smile on your face every time you enter your home.

Add 10 drops of vanilla-scented water-soluble oil to each refill of clean water in the humidifier.

Body Notes: Turkish Rose with Geranium, Jasmine and Tea, on a spicy base. Base Notes: : Powdery Iris and Honey.