Eucalyptus Water Soluble...

Eucalyptus Water Soluble Oil 18ml

Reference: 034603
Volume: 18 ml
Size: 45x45x90 mm
Sales Format:Display 12 Unities
Serie: 0acehidro15

The eucalyptus scent is penetrating, highly refreshing and is considered decongestant. Perfect for humidifiers, easy to use, practical and convenient. Helps reduce stress and fatigue. For healthier environments and better oxygenation. 

The oils applied in the humidifier purify and aromatize the spaces, creating a pleasant environment. They can scent a surface of up to 30 m2 for 5-6 hours continuously and you will need only 3 to 5 drops depending on the desired intensity and the size of the room to aromatize with the chosen scent.