Returns and cancellations

In accordance with the provisions of article 44 of the Law 7/1996 from 15 January regulating the Retail Trade, the customer shall have right to revoke the order within a period of seven (7) days after receipt of said order, upon prior notice to JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L.

The circumstances that may lead to a refund are as follows:


Should the client decide to return a product on these basis, the cost of return and any damages to the product or merchandise will be paid by the client.

In the event of returns, shipping costs will not be refunded. In addition, the collection costs will be paid by the client (equating to the shipping costs corresponding to the type of product purchased, plus the administration fees of 20 € per dispatch within the Peninsula). Once received and upon verification of the merchandise returned, 100% of the cost of the product will be refunded, retaining only the shipping and returns cost.

Failing this, JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. recommends the delivery of another item of equal or greater value to that ordered (only with the client’s consent), in which case the client will pay the difference and be liable for the new delivery costs and the return of the original product. Changes are not allowed on products which are subject to market fluctuations not controlled by JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L., nor on perishable goods, products that can be easily and immediately reproduced, or may not be returned due to their nature. Nor shall the cancellation of merchandise or orders that may be considered specific due to special characteristics requested by the customer.


In this case JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will arrange the replacement immediately. The replacement will always be one of the same item or reference. Only the first shipping will be charged, JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will be liable for the postage of the returns and the new shipping. If you wish to change for another item, or the product is in proper condition, the return and re-shipping costs will be assumed by the client.


JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will cover the cost of collecting the incorrect product and the delivery of the correct product according to the order.

JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will make changes and returns provided that: Prior communication is given to our Customer Service team.

This step is essential and must be done for any reason for return. This may be done by sending an email to

Then you will be informed on how to process the return and we will confirm if necessary. The item being returned must be properly packaged for return.

JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will not be responsible for reimbursement of products that have been handled by the client, returned without the original factory packaging or returned incomplete.

JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will not complete any refunds or replacement of goods until the reception and packaging status of said object has been verified.

The price refunded is that on the original order, at least in cases where the returns are due to product dissatisfaction. The right to return will not extend outside the indicated period.

Legal conditions

All order placements to JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L implies the client’s acceptance of the following legal conditions:

1- The prices of the products are in euros (€) and do not include VAT. The VAT is calculated and shown on the final order page.  The prices are valid except for any misprints and while stocks last.

2- The sales made in JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will comply with Spanish laws and the consequent payment of the corresponding taxes.

3- The photographs that illustrate the products do not enter into the contractual field and do not give rise to any kind of commitment on the part of JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L.
Furthermore, JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. does not accept responsibility for the validity of the contents of the technical data sheets and the descriptions of the products coming from our partners or suppliers.

4 - JESÚS GÓMEZ reserves at all times and unilaterally the right to change the prices of goods and services offered through the website. To ensure customer safety and certainty in the price of their products, the price will be that shown on the pro forma invoice that will be sent to you after completing your order and that the client must accept before being sent the merchandise.

5 – At the time of placing the order, once the option to complete an order is used, it is understood that the client consents to the sales contract and that it is valid and binding both parties.

Payment methods

If the company already has a payment method agreed with Jesús Gómez S.L., this will be respected in any online purchases and the order will be charged in said manner

Shipping deadlines

Delivery and Shipping Deadlines of the Purchase: Delivery times indicated by JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. are for guidance, although our company will strive to meet these deadline, any delay will not give rise to order cancellation or compensation.

The commitment made by JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. of the sale and dispatch of the goods offered is subject to stock and availability of said product, therefore, JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L., in its commitment to quality and customer service, will attempt to make all advertised products available at all times. Nevertheless, in the exceptional circumstance that a product may run out of stock, the order and contract agreed between the parties shall be void by virtue of the cancellation clause, fully refunding the client in the case of prepaid orders and will not give rise to any compensation for any party due to breach of contract, consequential damages or loss of profits. Failing this, JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. recommends the delivery of another item of equal or greater value to that ordered (only with the client’s consent).

JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. will not send any merchandise until it has the compliance of the pro forma invoice that is sent after ordering.

There will be no delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays as these are counted as non-working days.

Despite the fact that each product has its own specified delivery time, an approximate timescale is 3 to 7 days for the effective delivery of the product purchased, which will start as soon as JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. is aware of the payment of the product made by the customer, for the advanced payments, and from the acceptance of the order for those with the COD payment method. In the event of delivery delays exceeding 10 days over the approximate delivery date, and provided that this delay is attributable to JESÚS GÓMEZ SL, the client, upon written complaint to the email may unilaterally cancel the order, refunding any amounts paid in case of advanced payments, and upon agreement from both parties that there is no claim for damages, current or future, direct or indirect, or under the modalities of emergency damage or loss of profits.

JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. is not responsible for any delays in delivery from the courier, for reasons beyond normal operation of the transport service, such as strikes, accidents, vehicle overload, etc. The order will be delivered to the address provided by the client upon placing the order. The subsequent modification of the delivery address requested by the customer may generate additional costs on the sale price. The order will be delivered to the main entrance of the place indicated by the client and a signature and ID card will be required to receive the merchandise.

The courier has no commitment to carry the goods inside the house, only to deliver it the main entrance on the street.

The client is responsible for verifying the contents and condition of the goods at the time of delivery, as well as signing the copy of the delivery note to return to the courier which expresses their reception and waiving subsequent claims on the suitability and identity of the merchandise requested and received. In the event that the client reports any errors with the goods at the time of delivery, or that it is visually damaged, this must be recorded on the courier’s delivery note and reported to JESÚS GÓMEZ S.L. within 24 hours, by written complaint to the following email address:

The purchased product may suffer, due to availability of the manufacturer, non-substantial changes in the components, features or services of its batch, provided they do not pose a demerit of the qualities and benefits advertised.