Reed diffuser XL Botanical...

Reed diffuser XL Botanical Box Cinnamon-orange, 250ml

Reference: 058463
Fragrance: Cinnamon-Orange
Volume: 250 ml
Sales Format:Box 4 Unities
Serie: 0mikxlbot

Looking for a home full of "good vibes", with indoor plants, flowers on the balcony and aromatic herbs in the kitchen? We have come up with this XL Home Box format, because we love that version of you. It is made up of mikados based on natural oils and sustainable materials such as FSC cardboard or the glass bottle.

Why do we like it?

* Format 250 ml
* Perfect for a spacious place
* Reusable container
* Aroma top sales
* Ideal for gifts
* Rattan sticks
* Perfume with natural essential oil
* No plastic
* Greater durability
* Decorative glass container
* Progressive evaporation

Key benefits

  • Cinnamon-orange: an aromatic and sweet fragrance, which combines perfectly with the acidity that orange gives it.
  • Pour the liquid into the glass container

  • Put the 4 rattan sticks inside the glass container to absorb and release the fragrance throughout the room

  • Place in a ventilated place to better diffuse the aroma throughout the room

  • If you want to increase the intensity, you can flip the sticks

Mikado XL Botanica Box Cinnamon-orange:

Top notes: cinnamon, citrus, orange
Body notes: cloves, eucalyptus, floral, aldehydric, listea, green
Base notes: sweet, vanilla, balsamic, floral, rose.