Botanical Reed Diffuser...

Botanical Reed Diffuser Pure Cotton, 140ml

Reference: 052027
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Serie: 0mikbotani140

Floral and fresh scent, reminiscent of freshly washed cotton and linen.

Looking for a home full of good vibes, with flowers on the balcony, indoor plants and aromatic herbs in the kitchen?

We love that version of you and that's why we have come up with this unique sustainable format, made of natural ingredients and a reusable cardboard packaging; ideal for storing your things, using it as a decorative element or however you like. In addition, the embellishment is made of wenge wood and the sticks are made of natural rattan, the most sophisticated. Forget about synthetic materials. Undoubtedly, an elegant collection, with a modern aesthetic and adapted to the values of the new homes, choose natural!

Place the sticks in the container to absorb and release the fragrance throughout the room. Place in a ventilated place to better diffuse the scent throughout the room. If you wish to increase the intensity, you can turn the sticks upside down.

Top notes: fresh, clean, green

Body notes: floral, rose, ozonic, peach

Base notes: musk

Pure Cotton Reed Diffuser and rattan sticks.