Jasmine Closet Sachet

Jasmine Closet Sachet

Reference: 048648
Fragrance: Jasmine
Volume: 100 ml
Size: 11,5 x 20 cm
Sales Format:Display 12 Unities
Serie: 02n

Jasmine is fresh, sweet and intoxicating, so using scented jasmine sachets in your cupboards and drawers is a great idea!

Jasmine scented sachets have an incredible floral fragrance, ideal for dressing up your home in the most elegant way possible.

An irresistible and timeless perfume.

Why do we like it?

- More intense and long-lasting aromas.
- Durable cardboard hanger.
- Larger size.
- Formulated with vermiculite.
-  Scented with natural oils.
- Made in Spain (Europe).