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Scented Sachet Messages 100ml Pinky Cloud

Reference: 048471
Fragrance: "PINKY CLOUD"
Volume: 100 ml
Size: 115 x 160 mm
Sales Format:Display 12 Unities
Serie: 02n
The Scented Envelope Pinky Cloud is the perfect ally to place in closed spaces such as the closet, car or drawer. Let yourself be surprised by its innovative aroma and original design with a message. Life is beautiful, and breathe in the joy of good
The Scented Envelope Pinky Cloud is the ideal choice to bring a unique aroma to closed spaces such as the wardrobe, car or drawers. Just hang it in the desired place and enjoy the aroma that gives off its perfume with natural oil
Contains an amount of 5% or more but less than 15% of natural oil
Remove the Scented Envelope Pinky Cloud from the bag and hang it in the closet, car or drawer
Release Notes: Strawberry, Butter
Body Notes: Cream, Strawberry, Coconut, Peach
Base Notes: Roasted Sugar, Vanilla
Caution: contact of the product with wood or plastic materials may damage them