Water Soluble Oil Cotton, 18ml

Water Soluble Oil Cotton, 18ml

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Water-soluble air freshener oil in an 18ml bottle that will remind you of the fresh caress of freshly washed cotton and linen. This fragrance evokes nature, freshness and cleanliness, and will keep your spaces with this unique feeling of clean clothes.

Very intense and long-lasting water-soluble air freshener oil due to its high concentration of essential oils. Helps to create a pure and fresh home, giving it a pleasant and warm touch. Its use is exclusive for aroma diffusers.

Why do we like it?

- Intense, unique and long-lasting aroma
- Clean and fresh scent
- They help you relax at home
- Natural essential oils
- Brings well-being to your home
- Made in Spain - Europe

Key Benefits:

- Aromatherapy: They help to keep your space balanced and scented, providing well-being and promoting relaxation.

- Eliminates overloaded atmospheres: It helps us to have a relaxing perception of the space by perfuming it with a fresh and welcoming aroma.

- Relaxing: Essential oils are not only another way to scent your home, but they also help you relax, sleep well or improve your mood.

Add 10 drops of the Pure Cotton scented water-soluble oil to each refill of clean water in the aroma diffuser.

Top notes: Clean linen, fresh air, water
Heart notes: Cotton blossom, rose, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base notes: Talcum powder, violets, musk