Sobre Perfumado Pop Fruity,...

Sobre Perfumado Pop Fruity, 100ml

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Serie: 0sobrepop

Hang the scented sachets anywhere thanks to the hole in the sachet. You choose! Scent with these three cheerful scents from cupboards, drawers or closed spaces.

Do you want to connect with your younger, more carefree spirit? The Pop Series is that explosive and impacting collection made up of reed diffusers, candles and air freshener sprays in 3 very original and differentiating aromas. It will make you bring out your wild side and your irresistible desire to have fun. You keep sweet little habits from your childhood, but you are constantly looking for crazy experiences, that is the essence of the new reed diffusers, sachets and air freshener sprays.

Take the scented sachet out of the bag and place it wherever you want.

Top notes: Cassis, Grape, Orange, Cucumber

Body notes: Wine, Raspberry

Base Note: Peach