Orange Blossom Reed...

Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser, 100ml

Reference: 049775
Fragrance: Orange Blossom
Volume: 100 ml
Sales Format:Box 12 Unities
Serie: 0mikantib100

100ml Reed Diffuser with a fresh and captivating aroma that reminds us of the long walks in the countryside on summer evenings.

It starts with citrus notes that wrap you in the freshness of the orange blossom, to continue with a more floral, intense body that reminds us of summer, walks, holidays, good vibes... A real little piece of happiness!

Why do we like it?

- Fresh citrus fragrance

- Intense and long-lasting aroma

Main Benefits:

- Perfume with natural essential oils.

- It invites us to rest and feel happy.

In addition, it has fibre sticks that are made from recycled and biodegradable materials.

- Remove the protective cap from the Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser.

- Place the sticks in the container to absorb and release the fragrance throughout the room.

- Place in a ventilated place to better diffuse the scent throughout the room.

- If you wish to increase the intensity, you can turn the sticks upside down.

Top notes: Citrus, fresh, orange peel and orange blossom
Heart notes: Floral, bergamot, camphorade
Base notes: Balsamic, musk