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Serie: 0ekomik85

A scent that stands out for its spicy citrus notes. Top notes are yuzu, orange and cinnamon. The body note is rose and clove, the base note is vanilla and honey.

Discover Ekomikado Yuzu Cinnamon, a sustainable format composed of natural ingredients, glass packaging and biodegradable sticks. A spicy citrus fragrance that perfectly combines the sweetness of cinnamon with the acidity of orange.

New air freshener format focused on providing a functional value proposition to the consumer, both from an economic and ecological perspective. Conceptually designed to serve as a reusable format both for its glass container and its embellisher, thus promoting the circular economy. In addition, we eliminate excess cardboard and use biodegradable fibre sticks.

Remove the cap from the bottle. Place the sticks in the container to absorb the Ekomikado Yuzu Cinnamon fragrance.

Turn the wands upside down to increase the intensity.

Don't top up or mix with water or other oils.

Top notes: Yuzu, Orange, Cinnamon

Body notes: Aldehydes, Rose, Cloves

Base notes: Vanilla, Honey

Volume 85ml