Lavender Bath Salt, 650g

Lavender Bath Salt, 650g

Reference: 075729
Fragrance: Lavander
Sales Format:Box 6 Unities
Serie: 0botesal650

Lavender scented bath salt immerses us in the world of relaxation at home, helping us to disconnect, reduce fatigue and improve our well-being. It contains natural lavender essential oil, a floral scent that creates a discreet and delicate atmosphere, with balancing, invigorating and relaxing effects that help us to fall asleep.

-Contains natural lavender essential oil

-Prevents body dryness

-Moisturising properties

-Provides elasticity

-Refreshing Anti-oxidant

-Helps to improve circulation

-100% R-PET pot

-Dermatologically tested; suitable for normal and sensitive skin.