Scented Candle in Glass...

Scented Candle in Glass Vanilla, 130g

Reference: 050955
Fragrance: "VAINILLA"
Peso neto: 130 g
Size: 70x70x85
Sales Format:Display 6 Unities
Serie: 0veltarro130

Delicious, sweet and elegant Vanilla candle, with a 245ml size, ideal for your terraces, bathrooms or closed rooms, enjoy the most floral aspects of Vanilla!

Candle Jar of 245ml, with aroma of sweet and elegant vanilla. With a vibrant output of the most floral aspects of vanilla. If you're interested in keeping your rooms warm and calm, this is the scent for you! 

Why do we like it?

-Sweetening scent, perfect for maintaining harmony in the home. 

-Long lasting 

Follow the instructions on the safety icons and then place the candle out of the reach of children and pets, in a place where it does not contain flammable materials. Do not leave lit candles unattended and avoid touching them when they are lit.

Top notes: fruity, butter and caramel

Body notes: vanilla, floral

Base notes: sweet sandalwood, patchouli and Benzoin