Reference: 061258
Sales Format:Display 8 Unities
Serie: 0gelpu170

Lavender aroma long-lasting gel air freshener that effectively eliminates unwanted odors and offers a continuous and long-lasting fragrance that keeps the environment clean and fresh for weeks.

Our gel air freshener gives you the relaxing fragrance of lavender. Its gel texture allows for a constant and long-lasting release of the aroma, filling your home with a calm and comforting atmosphere. The delicate aroma of lavender will help you create a space of calm and serenity. Enjoy the aromatic experience with our lavender gel air freshener.

Place the air freshener vertically and on a flat and stable surface. Tear and remove the dotted area of ​​the film. Turn the top of the air freshener and raise it.

NOTICE: Wash hands with soap and water after handling.

Each display contains 6 units of 170g