Citronella Water Soluble...

Citronella Water Soluble Oil, 15ml

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Citronella water-soluble oil that gives off a refreshing, soft and sweet fragrance, with citrus notes, that will accompany you on summer nights. And now it comes with a free felt!

Long-lasting water-soluble oil formulated with natural essential oils with a fresh and mild citronella scent.

Why do we like it?

- Intense and long-lasting aroma
- Refreshing scent
- Natural essential oils
- Brings well-being to your home
- Made in Spain - Europe

Key Benefits:

- Aromatherapy: Keeps your space balanced and scented, providing well-being.

- Eliminates overloaded environments: Helps to maintain a positive perception of the space by scenting it with a fresh aroma.

- Relaxing: Essential oils are not just another way to scent your home, they also help you to relax, sleep well and improve your mood.