Green Tea & Lemon Air...

Green Tea & Lemon Air Freshener Ess. Oil 55 ml

Reference: 049577
Fragrance: Green Tea, Lemon
Volume: 50 ml
Sales Format:Display 12 Unities
Serie: 0aceamb55

Air freshener essential oil that provides relaxation and well-being, following the latest trends in air freshening, aimed at creating pleasant, clean and comfortable environments.

The subtlety and mystery of tea leaves, which bring relaxation and well-being, with a touch of citrus, which brings freshness. The perfect scent for every room, so fresh and light that it can be used every day of the year.

Why do we like it?

- Brings well-being to your home
- Unique, intense and long-lasting scents
- Perfumes with natural oil
- Made in Spain - Europe
- Dual Use: Burner + Aroma Diffuser

Aroma Diffuser:
Add 10 drops of air freshener oil to each refill of clean water in the Aroma Diffuser.

Place a few drops of air freshener oil scent in the water of the burner. Light up the burner candle and let the water evaporate to spread the scent.

Top notes: Green tea leaves, petit grain
Heart notes: Floral bouquet of rose, jasmine, tea
Base notes: Musk, amber