Oil Water Feel Relaxed, 15ml

Oil Water Feel Relaxed, 15ml

Reference: 034702
Volume: 18 ml
Size: 4,5 x 4,5 x 9 cm
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Serie: 0acehidro15

Essential oils conceived under the concept of aromatherapy. Intense and lasting aromas with perfume with natural oil that enhance your feelings, creating healthy atmospheres that inhibit the stress caused by day to day.

The fresh wind brings us this fragrance from the hot springs, where the ocean breeze is intoxicated with the menthol aroma and lichens growing between snow and ice. A suggestive aroma; intense, aromatic and powerful.

Add 10 drops of Feel Relaxed water-soluble oil to each refill of clean water in the humidifier.

Top notes: mint, marine and salty.

Body notes: floral Iris and spicy Anise.

Base notes: musk and sandalwood.