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Reed Diffuser Luxurious Asian Flowers, 500ml

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An irresistible formula for lovers of elegance and sophistication. A delicate and exquisite fragrance will embrace you, inviting you to an ancestral ritual and genuine spectacle such as the cherry blossom.

In addition, the black fibre sticks with a wider diameter, together with the embellishment of the bottle, provide a truly breathtaking aesthetic.

The essence of Asian luxury through aromas. You'll want to give it as a gift to someone special or also give in to it and treat yourself to a little luxury.

Its packaging stands out, where exoticism and mysticism envelop this set composed of a 500ml bottle that you can pour into a glass vase. of a 500ml bottle that you can pour into a glass vase with a distinguished and original aesthetic, without distinguished and original aesthetics, without stridency, marking a timeless and iconic style.ç

Why do we like it?

- Perfect as a gift

- Original and exotic aesthetics

- Decorative element

- Elegant and sophisticated 

Place the liquid in the glass container.

Insert the sticks into the container and allow the Asian Flowers fragrance to be soaked in.

Turn the wands upside down to intensify the intensity.

Top notes: lotus flower and rose.

Body notes: fruity notes, apricot, wild orchid.

Base notes: balsamic, sweet notes