Pinky Cloud Reed Diffuser Refill 100ml

Reference: 049782
Volume: 100 ml
Sales Format:Display 6 Unities
Serie: 03.1

100ml Reed Diffuser special for refilling your containers when and with the amount you desire, with a sweet and captivating aroma of sweets that will remind you of your childhood.

100ml Reed Diffuser special for refills so you can reuse your bottles as often and as much as you wish. This scent will wrap you in a cloud of sweetness that brings back all your childhood memories. We all deserve to be happy because life is beautiful, right?

A rich cloud of sweetness with hints of fruit and buttercream icing.

A sweet treat composed of 3 tablespoons of creamy butter. A dollop of whipped cream with chunks of freshly cut fruit and a sprig of black vanilla. Topped with toasted sugar. Mounds of shredded coconut sweetened with icing sugar.

Why do we like it?

- Special refill format

- Special aroma

- Intense and long-lasting aroma

Key Benefits: 

- Perfume with natural essential oils.

- Sweet aroma: Helps to improve your mood and increase vitality. 

- Long-lasting air freshener.

In addition, it has fiber sticks made from recycled and biodegradable materials.

- Fill your usual Reed Diffuser with the Pinky Cloud refill.

- Place the new reeds in the diffuser so that they absorb and release de fragrance around the room.

- Place in a ventilated place to most efficiently spread the aroma throughout the room.

- For a more intense scent, you can flip the reeds in the diffuser. If you do not have a diffuser, you can place the reeds in their packaging.

Top notes: Strawberry, butter
Heart notes: Cream, strawberry, coconut, peach
Base notes: Toasted sugar, vanilla