Tropical Reed Diffuser...

Tropical Reed Diffuser Refill, 250ml

Reference: 049843
Fragrance: Tropical
Volume: 250 ml
Sales Format:Display 6 Unities
Serie: 0mikrepo250

250ml Larger format Reed Diffuser so you can refill and reuse the bottle as many times as you wish. The tropical scent is one of the most popular for its freshness and sweetness, ideal for spring and summer. 

Reed Diffuser with an exceptional fruity fragrance, ideal for spring and summer. A fruity, delicious, crisp, crunchy, sweet and refreshing mixed fruit scent of raspberries on the top notes, a subtle hint of jasmine leaves and flowers and a deep base of peach and lollipop.

Why do we like it?

- Larger format, 250ml
- Special for refills
- Long-lasting aroma

Key Benefits: 

- Fragrance with natural essential oils.

- Fun scent.

- Jasmine: Helps to improve your mood and has aphrodisiac properties. 

- Fruity scent: Refreshing and helps to maintain a calm atmosphere where serenity prevails.

In addition, it has fiber sticks made from recycled and biodegrabable materials.


Contains among others: More than 30% of aliphatic alcohols; equal or higher than 15% but less than 30% of perfume.

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- Fill your usual Mikado Reed Diffuser with the tropical refill. 

- Place the new reeds in the diffuser so that they absorb and release the fragrance around the room.

- Place in a ventilated place to most efficiently spread the aroma throughout the room.

- For a more intense scent, you can flip the reeds in the diffuser. If you do not have a diffuser, you can place the reeds in their packaging.

Top notes: Fruity, green, tropical
Heart notes: Floral, fruity
Base Notes: Fruity, sweet

- 250 ml Tropical Reed Diffuser.

- 6 fibre aroma diffuser sticks.