Ultrasonic Humidifier Train

Reference: 214326
Peso neto: 250 g
Volume: 240 ml
Size: 100x86x153mm
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Serie: 0difpequeño20

Two colors available, pink and taupe

  • Cool mist humidifier.
  • Sound and colored led light
  • Ultrasonic atomization technology
  • Good for home and office decoration.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Low energy consumption.

Ultrasonic atomization technology.

Integrated LED type light

Connector type: DC input via USB

Power: DC 5V / 1A

Consumption: 2W

Vaporization Time: 4H

  1. To open, lift the upper part of the body of the train.
  2. Add clean water to the reservoir. Do not exceed the maximum fill amount. Do not add oils or other liquids, they can obstruct the steam output and damage the device.
  3. Close the cover. Connect the USB cable to the DC input and then to a USB power adapter or USB port.
  4. Press the button to turn on the device. It will start to emit steam and the lights will start to change colors. A whistle will also sound like a real train!
  5. Hold down the button for 3 sec. to turn the colored lights on or off.
  6. To turn off the device, press the button once.
  7. The lights will turn off after 1 hour of operation.
  8. The device will automatically turn off after 4 hours of continuous operation. Press the button to turn it on again

    Caution: Not recommend its use with Air Freshener Oils. Do not tilt, turn or try to fill or empty the tank while the humidifier is on. If you want to empty or fill the tank, turn off the humidifier and wait a few minutes.

    It is recommended to moisten the cotton swab at the first use of the device, since it takes several minutes for the water to absorb.
    If the vaporization decreases after a period of use, remove the cotton swab and replace it with a new one:

    • To replace swab, pull out the cotton swab from the plastic tube and replace it with a new swab.
    • Please note the spring at the bottom of the tube when replacing the swab
    Contains Pink or Taupe TREN Humidifier, Instruction Manual, Replacement Cotton Filter, USB Cable