Candle Citronella 125g

Reference: 050016
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Serie: 0velcitro125

Citronella candle 125g with an intense citrus scent. Citronella, historically known for repelling flying insects, makes it perfect for use in the spring and summer season and ideal for terraces and outdoors.

Very long-lasting citronella candle made from natural essential oils. It releases a soft and sweet lemony and refreshing scent that reminds us of calm summer nights.

It is also essential for covering smells that are attractive to flying insects to help keep them away. 

Do not leave burning candles unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Move candles away from flammable materials and avoid touching them when they are lit. Follow the instructions of the safety icons.

Top notes: Citronella, fresh
Heart notes: Citrus, lemon
Base notes: Citrus