Reed Diffuser Geranium 100ml

Reference: 048303
Sales Format:Box 12 Unities
Serie: 0mikantib100c

100ml Mikado air freshener that helps to eliminate odours and keeps your home scented and protected.


- High-power air freshener, allows a controlled diffusion of the fragrance, thanks to its adapted formulation. 

- Formed by essential oils, it is fragrance-free, allowing a totally natural diffusion.

- Tested for a long duration of > 30 days.

- Contains 100% natural essential oils of:


- Geranium: 26.7% citronellol, 13.4% geraniol and 5.2% Linalool. 

- Citronella: High essential oil content, with citronellol, citral, eugenol, nerol, geraniol and limonene.

- Cedarwood oil

- Clove

- Lavender essential oil

- Eucalyptus essential oil

- Remove the protective cap from the Geranium Mikado.

- Place the sticks in the container to absorb and release the fragrance throughout the room.

- Place in a ventilated place to better diffuse the scent throughout the room.

- If you wish to increase the intensity, you can turn the sticks upside down.

Top notes: Herbaceous, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium
Heart notes: Herbal-citrus, citronella
Base notes: Cedarwood, cloves

100ml Mikado Reed Diffuser with 6 reeds.