Citrogel Power 100ml

Citrogel Power 100ml

Reference: 046392
Fragrance: Citronella
Volume: 100 ml
Sales Format:Display 10 Unities
Serie: 0gelcitro

Refreshing 100ml citronella gel that has been patented thanks to its innovative formula.

Citronella liquid gel, perfect for moisturising the skin. It has a very pleasant and long-lasting fragrance, which lingers on the skin. Thanks to its composition, it offers a plus: a better hydration and softness of the skin, a feeling of vitality and a refreshing effect. 

In short, a well-cared and moisturised skin stays younger, healthier and prevents sagging.


- Glycerin
- Citronella perfume


Contains natural essence of citronella and glycerine that moisturises and does not grease the skin.

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Spray over your whole body, especially arms and legs. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Top notes: Citronella, fresh
Heart notes: Citrus, lemon
Base notes: Citrus