Scented Candle in Glass Red...

Scented Candle in Glass Red Fruits, 130g

Reference: 050931
Peso neto: 130 g
Size: 70 x70 x 85
Sales Format:Display 6 Unities
Serie: 0veltarro130

Red Berries candle that gives off an expansive and powerful fragrance, with the most characteristic notes of Strawberry leaves, bitter Orange and wild Blackberries, ideal for a fruity explosion in your home!

Red berries candle scented with strawberry leaves, bitter orange and wild blackberries. Perfect for remembering our sweetest and most romantic moments. 

Why do we like it? 

- Eliminates overloaded environments: Helps to maintain a positive perception of the space by scenting it with a fresh aroma.

-Relaxing: in addition to perfuming your home, it helps you relax and create romantic and intimate atmospheres.

-Perfume with long-lasting natural essential oils.

For its correct use, follow the instructions on the safety icons. Place the candle out of reach of children and pets, in a place where it does not contain flammable materials. Do not leave lit candles unattended and avoid touching them when they are lit.

Top notes: Blueberry, blackberry, black currant and raspberry

Body notes: Orange blossom, jasmine and sweet strawberry

Base notes: Toasted sugar and caramel