Special Kitchen Odor Neutralizer Reed Diffuser 100ml

Reference: 048068
Sales Format:Box 6 Unities
Serie: 0mikespacios

Odour neutralising kitchen air freshener with a fresh citrus scent.

Kitchen Reed Diffuser that absorbs odours by neutralising the odour molecule to eliminate it from the environment. We highlight the bottle with a round design with a wooden lid and pastel colours to decorate any home.

In addition, it has fibre sticks that are made from recycled and biodegradable materials.

- Remove the cap from the refill container and pour the contents into the decorative glass jar.

- Place the sticks in the container to absorb and release the fragrance throughout the room.

- Place in a ventilated place to better diffuse the scent throughout the room.

- If you wish to increase the intensity, you can turn the sticks upside down.

Top notes: Citrus, grapefruit zest, lemon
Heart notes: Fresh, soft, bergamot, amber
Base notes: Gourmand